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Believe it or not, most of the producers need to see what they are doing or at least have a visual reference, it makes them feel more in control.
$189 one-time payment and it’s yours for life. In terms of competition, there is plenty of similar software but yet I haven’t found one that can compete with the Serum feel.


If you’ve made it so far you deserve to know about this little gem, still a bit underrated but with so much potential.

5 Terrific Plug-ins You Didn’t Know You Need, Until Now.

March 27, 2022 | By Aloren

The world of music production can be quite daunting when you first approach it, especially plug-ins, with their busy interfaces and just so many knobs and stuff to tweak.

Feeling overwhelmed already? We got you covered.
Your next masterpiece could be just 5 Plug-ins away, once you know the basics the sky is the limit.

1| Kick 2 – Sonic Academy

So, you want to make dance music, right?
Meet the backbone, the king, the most important element of your track: The Kick.
Probably the most debated sound in the industry. When it comes to building the perfect one there’s nothing better than Kick 2 by Sonic Academy. Practical and foolproof, this handy software allows you to control every aspect of your drum kick, from the little click on the top end to the huge low end of the body.

When I first got started into production I used Kick by Nicky Romero, it was easy and simple to use, but a bit limited. If you want to go pro, Kick 2 offers a wide range of shaping possibilities that I haven’t yet seen anywhere. It comes with a 14-day free trial and my best advice is to start from the 230+ kicks already built-in and move from there.

2| Melodyne - Celemony

Are you one of those with wide-open arms that sings to the sky when the chorus of your favorite song hits during a festival? If you are nodding your head I have good news for you. The perfect vocals you love can be achieved with the help of just one VST.


Melodyne grants you unrivaled access to all the musical details in your recordings and samples, note by note. This is exactly why I love it so much, you can disassemble your vocal recordings to every single note and tune it perfectly how you want it. If you are a perfectionist (and you are, since you are a music producer) this tool has no equals.

I find many of my colleagues using Antares Auto-tune, and even though is great for an overall fix, it cannot stand against the dept that Melodyne can reach. 

3| Serum – Xfer

Hold tight because you might feel a little enthusiasm for this.

If I had to pick only three things to bring with me on a desert island, there would be water, a sushi bowl, and Serum. Basslines, euphoric leads, pads, and plucks are just the tip of what you can do with this incredible wavetable synthesizer. But I am pretty sure you might have already heard about it, so what makes it so popular?
In my opinion, what Serum understood since the beginning was the importance of implementing a visual reference of the sound you are working on.

4| Pro Q 3 - Fabfilter

Raise your hand if you have heard about Pro Q 3 at least a thousand times.
Fabfilter Pro Q 3 is probably the standard of the equalizers in the music production scene.
So why does every producer love it?
Because it’s so goddamn accurate and you can see the exact frequencies you are touching.
Old school guys will probably tell you that first you have to rely only on your hears, and while this is true, having a visual reference of the whole frequencies spectrum does simplify your life, a lot!

The Pro Q comes with a 30-day free trial, which should be more than enough to fall in love with its beauty. Once it’s over, it’s priced at $149, lifetime use. My take on that? Take that!

5| LFO Tool – Xfer

If you’ve made it so far you deserve to know about this little gem, still a bit underrated but with so much potential.

If you want to get recognized as a producer it’s paramount having a sound that it’s perfectly sculpted from the very beginning to the very end. With the LFO tool, you fully control the entire sound wave, from the very first millisecond of its attack to the last moments of its decay. And so much more. While you can do these operations within the synthesizer, I strongly suggest keeping your source clean and using the LFO tool as a separate insert in your chain.

Xfer gives it away only for $49.95. I wouldn’t think it twice.

Final Thoughts

While the music production world seems overwhelming at first, you will discover that you don’t need too many plug-ins to get the work done.

Actually, a problem that has emerged in the home recording era is the wide range of tools you can get. While it may make you feel full of resources, chances are that you’ll never go deep into knowing every plug-in you have.

My final advice would be to just buy ONE plug-in or VST for a specific need, and only once you have fully deep-dived into it moving to the next one.

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